Protect your truck bed with a quality spray-on bedliner.

Durable Spray-On Bedliners

We cover all aspects of truck bed spray on, whether factory replacement, fully customized, replacement parts or full installation, we do it all!

Slick Up Center is proud to carry Reflex products.

Reflex Spray-On Truck Liners are spray-applied up to 1/4" thick forming a rugged, watertight, durable truck bed liner for demanding, every-day use. It won't crack, peel or warp and permanently protects your truck bed from abrasion and rust. The extreme flexibility of a Reflex spray-on bedliner provides a textured surface that grips your cargo and holds it in place. Even in severe heat and freezing temperatures, Reflex retains its rubbery surface and holds up to scratches helps not damage the cargo you haul. Reflex protects against abrasion and dents while resisting corrosive materials such as gasoline, diesel, oil, chlorine, fertilizer, acid and salt. Reflex means protection for your truck bed and your cargo. With a Reflex Spray-on Truck Liner, our jet-black liner is a great quality option. OEM automotive toners are injected into the chemicals for unmatched UV stability and long-lasting brilliance. Protect your investment with Reflex Spray-On Liners.

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